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Thank you for your interest in helping us!

We are currently in need of:

Gently Used
Dress up clothes for costumes (limited need, call first)
Tap shoes (call for sizes)
CD's (all types of music)
Mens long sleeved button down shirts (for smocks)

High quality tape recorder
Electronic three-hole punch
Postal meter scale
Sketch books
Kitchen utensils (call first)
New Shelving
• 3 Flip video cameras (60 minute)
• 2 year old or newer laptop computer
• 4 dozen black mats for 11x14 size photos
• Large plexiglass sheets (call for details)
• 2 Low temperature hot glue guns
• 2 Regular glue guns
• 1 Window screen roll 24 inches x 100 feet
• 3 Dozen white t-shirts (call for sizes)

Medical supplies
Shoe covers
Non latex gloves
Paper masks
Roll of examination paper
Disposable gowns

Corporate Help Sought for
Color presentation folders and printing (1500)

We can always use extra art materials. If you have materials to donate, please contact us with materials, amount, and full contact details: